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Roar out louder and give me a vote~!

Three applications you have voted on:

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Name/Nickname: You can simply call me Icy.
Gender: Female

Would you mind if you are stamped as the opposite gender?: No, I don't- anything that suits me most
Is this a re-stamp? If it is, who were you previously stamped as?: This is my first.

What do you like/love: Sleeping, writing fanfiction, yaoi, relaxing with a good fic to read, Biology, Chemistry, sushi, pizza, swimming, sarcasm, me-time, plush animals especially bears,singing 
What do you dislike/hate: Math, Physics, people using sarcasm on me, rules, severe typos and grammatical errors, people backing me into a corner, sports which is not swimming, elder males (by that I mean like way older than me), supernaturals, the dark, heights, doing presentations in front of a large crowd ALONE, and some instances everyone and everything. 
Strengths: Biology, Chemistry, sarcasm, chatterbox-ing(yes, I am very much a chatterbox) 
Weaknesses: Physical strength (more like lack thereof), calculations, heights, darkness, scary ghost stories

Describe your personality: Okay so where do I start...I switch between moods pretty easily. My default mood is usally a ball of (sarcastic) sunshine, but I snap at the simplest things and I do have instances where I just hate everyone amd everything. I do love being sarcastic and being snarky, amd well I think people are rather indifferent to me or hate my guts in general. To the few people that do like me and I cherish though, I am very loyal to them and will gladly give up my life for them. I am pretty prone to betrayal due to my quick-trusting nature. I enjoy being in small groups but large ones (more than 4) makes me uncomfortable. I do like going out but if I am outside for too long I get tired and very cranky. I love playing make-believe with the large amount of plush animals I have at home when I am alone.

Hobbies: Writing, singing (even though I'm not good), surfing the internet
Goals/Dreams: ...I'm not sure anymore. I guess I just want to be happy and stay with those I love. 
Fears: Left alone by the few people I do have, left in the dark (figuratively and literally), heights, ghosts
Favorite Color: Sky blue- it's a nice color...

Mature or Childish?: Very, very childish.
Lead or Follow?: Follow. Leading makes me nervous.
Outgoing or Shy? Outgoing with my friends; shy in unknown territory.
Upbeat or Calm?: Upbeat to a fault.
Impulsive or Cautious?: Impulsive
Logical or Imaginative?: Imaginative because I don't want to believe in reality.

And Here's DURARARA!!

Favorite Character and WHY: Izaya! So twisted and manipulative and MY LOVE GOES OUT TO HIM. ;w; Kida and Mikado come REALLY close though.
What do you think about the series? Good? Bad? Any opinions?: It's a wonderful series. I love how seemingly unrelated characters become tied to one another.
Whose character design is the best according to you?: Either Izaya, Shizuo or Erika..
Any favorite pairings?: Shizuo/Izaya, Izaya/Kida, Kida/Mikado/Kida, Aoba/Mikado/Aoba, Shinra/Celty
What episode that appeals to you the most?: The one where Kida, Mikado and Anri finally reveal to each other about their secrets and go all 'I'm sorry' at the Yellow Scarves hideout/meeting place
Masaomi is asking you to hang out with him and he lets you choose where to go! So, to what kind of place would you go to?: Anywhere- as long as he spends time with me, I'm happy

Have you ever thought of doing suicide?: So many times I lost count
Do you believe in legends/myths?: No, but I enjoy hearing stories of them
What kind of sushi do you like?: Salmon sashimi, or tuna sashimi.
You encounter a gang/dangerous person/someone who wants to hurt you-- real bad! What course of action would you take if you happen to meet them?: Do what you want with me, I am scared but I have no strength to fight back so why bother?
You are about to be transferred to another city so that you can attend a particular school there! Sounds like fun! What kind of things do you expect upon moving there?: Fellow people who shares a fandom with me and can fangirl over the same pairings
Do you prefer to make friends on the Internet (or any other long-distance communication) or by meeting them in person? The Internet, but meeting them afterwards sound nice.

Please describe how you look or share a picture if you have one: I have long black hair (slightly above my waist), I wear red square-shaped frame glasses, my height is 160cm-ish and my weight is 46-47kg.

Any final words?: I really wanna get stamped so please vote? ;w;
DO YOU TRUST ME!?: Show me I can trust you, then I will until you prove me otherwise.
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