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Three applications you have voted on:

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Would you mind if you are stamped as the opposite gender?: Anyone will do! As long as I'll be stamped.
Is this a re-stamp? If it is, who were you previously stamped as?: Not a re-stamp.
What do you like/love: Anime, manga, novels, yaoi, fanfic, writing fiction, doodling, sleeping, seafood, cheese, cookies&cream, music, and staring at the ceiling.
What do you dislike/hate: Heavy traffic, extreme boredom, bitches.
Strengths: I think I'm quite adventurous, even though I've never been in that place, I get excited. xD
Weaknesses: I'm weak on making fun of my friends, thus I'm ending up being the bullied. And I'm soooooo clumsy!

Describe your personality: (give at least a paragraph of 4 - 5 sentences here about your personality)
I often called quiet and snob by my friends the first time they encounter me, but as time runs I hang out with them, my real personality comes out. I'm talkative, caring, gullible, lazy, clumsy, honest, and pessimistic (though at times I try hard to be positive). I hate common people and I always try to be remarkable. I also hate racism but, well, sometimes I can’t control myself in front of the internet or television criticizing someone. As long as we get along, that won’t be a problem to me otherwise, one day you’ll realize I already disappeared.

Hobbies: Doodling, scribbling, watching/reading anime/manga, cosplaying, internet surfing.
Goals/Dreams: To become a famous fictionist!
Fears: Zombies and cockroaches.
Favorite Color: Black and white.

Mature or Childish?: Childish! I can't get out of my fictional world to face reality.
Lead or Follow?: Follow.
Outgoing or Shy? Shy~
Upbeat or Calm?: It depends in the situation.
Impulsive or Cautious?: Impulsive.
Logical or Imaginative?: Imaginative.

And Here's DURARARA!!

Favorite Character and WHY: I looooove Shizuo! He's furious strength makes him funny and the way he says "I hate violence" is just so cute.
What do you think about the series? Good? Bad? Any opinions?: The first time I watched Durarara!!, I was amazed by the structures of the characters and how they were related to each other. I think this supports the whole series and that makes Durarara!! unique.
Whose character design is the best according to you?: Umm... I don't know... perhaps Erika?
Any favorite pairings?: ShinraxCelty, ShizuoxIzaya
What episode that appeals to you the most?: I don't memorize the episodes but I love the episode of Shizuo's story.
Masaomi is asking you to hang out with him and he lets you choose where to go! So, to what kind of place would you go to?: Where there are anime stuff I could grab for free~


Have you ever thought of doing suicide?: Yup.
Do you believe in legends/myths?: No, that's why they're called myths. But seriously when I was a kid, I believed I've seen a real fairy.
What kind of sushi do you like?: Maguro sushi, Shake sushi, and ebi sushi.
You encounter a gang/dangerous person/someone who wants to hurt you-- real bad! What course of action would you take if you happen to meet them?: I'll run.
You are about to be transferred to another city so that you can attend a particular school there! Sounds like fun! What kind of things do you expect upon moving there?: Umm... I hope there are many otaku in that place.
Do you prefer to make friends on the Internet (or any other long-distance communication) or by meeting them in person? I'll never meet people I don't know. But I'd rather meet my friends personally.

Please describe how you look or share a picture if you have one: I have long hair and I'm tall.

Any final words?: Please... I want to be stamped!!
DO YOU TRUST ME!?: trustmetrustmetrustme yeah!
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