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Durarara Rating Community

it's been a while sir! want some sushi?

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Ever wondered what Durarara character your personality matches with? Even, who would be the perfect match for you on a date in our bizarre city of Ikebukuro? Well you've came to the right place to find out about it and more! Welcome to the Durarara Stamping Community; where we fulfill your deepest curiosities! However, we do have a set of guidelines that we encourage you to follow first and foremost:


✪ Insulting, flaming, and the usual drama is FROWNED UPON 8( Please do so elsewhere.
✪ Being active in the community is GREATLY APPRECIATED and moreover due to the fact that the whole rating community runs because of your activity!
✪ Please join the comm in order to start posting.
✪ Do continue to vote for others' applications if you're not stamped yet; it would be awesome!
✪ It's a must for all of you to put everything under an LJ-Cut for reasons a) save space and loading time b) it will look more organized. It's provided in the form so you might as well use it, yeah?
✪ Don't forget to tag your entries with "!unstamped" if your application haven't been stamped yet and tag your new application with "!need votes" for your and other people's convenience.
✪ It is important for you to be honest with yourself and answer all the questions according to your personality, etc. NOT because you want to be stamped as a particular character!
✪ It would be nice if you could elaborate your answers! Because this way, people can get a better grasp of your personality and you could be voted more accurately; it's a win-win situation y/y?
✪ You are allowed to do a re-stamp if you are not satisfied with your current stamping! However, you need to wait at least one week before doing so, and we advise you to not do this very often. At least twice, at most, and write down who you were stamped previously so we won't stamp you twice with the same character.
✪ Please vote on THREE applications at minimum (if there are less applications to vote on, just vote what you can) before submitting your own application.
✪ When giving votes, it is quite appreciated for you to give an explanation to WHY you vote the person with the said character; more elaborate, the better. But we also understand that laziness can kick in sometimes so do it when you feel like it.
✪ Please be sure to bold your votes (e.g. the character's name)
✪ You will be stamped when you have received SEVEN VOTES. In the case where you don't get enough votes for at least ONE WEEK, then and only then, will we stamp you on the existing votes.
✪ Put "Roar Out Louder!" somewhere in your entry subject to make sure you read the rules!